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Friday, April 2, 2010

stair climbing

Opus asked:
So how long do you think we'll take to climb 40 flights of stairs? 30-40mins?

Only one way to find the answer - climb the 18 storey flats opposite my place.

Stairwells are the boring-est places in the earth. Plugged in my earphones and took slow and easy steps observing proper stair climbing form - entire foot placed on each step, not letting the heels hang off the edge.

Proper climbing posture means leaning forward slightly from the hips with the back straight. At no time, should you be rounded in the lower back area. Look forward, keeping your eye on the stairs from time to time without looking down with a bent head the whole time. Avoid over-straightening your knees as you climb up.

I didn't need to stop and rest but it was a huff and puff. The views started to expand as I got higher.

At the 18th floor, I looked at my watch. 4 mins 5 seconds. If we climb 40 floors, it would take 20 mins or so with breaks?

The view was terrific. Saw a lovely bunch of honeysuckles. It took about 3 minutes to go down to the first floor. I repeated this 3 times. It got harder each set and by the third set, I was the crazy mad sweaty woman giving longing looks at the lift. (Entire duration of workout about 30 minutes)

While I was climbing, I thought about grocery lists. I zipped in to the NTUC supermarket when I was done to cool off in the AC.

Mental note to self: bring a bottle of water the next time.

* If only stair climbing could be this fun.

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  1. woo! Well done! Yes, stairs are INCREDIBLY BORING.