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Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday training update

Stair climbing with 5 year old on my back! Stair climbing in mid afternoon heat! Resumed running and ran 22 minutes! That pretty much sums up this week's training.

Sunday 4 April - 1 set of the 18 storey stair climb with 13-15 kg daughter on my back. She wouldn't let me out of the house so I piggybacked her like a weighted bag pack. She got a whiff of the smelly stair well, enjoyed the views and complained of her arms being tired. Tired? I carried her all the way! She got tired just hanging on my shoulders. I asked her if she wanted to go another set, but she said NO.

Wed 7 and Thurs 8 April - Stair climbing 18 storeys, 3 sets. Managed this in the mid afternoon heat between 1400-1430 pm. It was so sweaty but I reminded myself of the plus points - stairs are free, non weather dependent, how else would I burn off the custard puff I just consumed?

Friday 9 April - No running for the last month because of tooth issues. Did 2.87 kms in 22 minutes on the treadmill. No sore tooth sockets. No throbbing gums. Yay.


  1. a 5 year old on your back!! you're crazy. I probably couldn't carry a 5 year old for 5 minutes.

  2. if you want to challenge yourself further, I'll loan you my dog. I think he's about 20 kg or close to. You can lug him up the stairs. He'll enjoy the views too.

  3. Haha. Let her experience one time so that she knows the heat and suffering. She is very skinny and yes, probably lighter than your dog.