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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life is beautiful

While some of us were sweating it out in the stairwells of Singapore, Min brought her training to a beautiful island in the Pacific - Lord Howe Island.

It's not enough her running stride length is twice of mine. Or that she has the superior stamina to hold a conversation running 10k while I can only grunt in reply.

If you get a chance walking or travelling with Min, she does something that totally freaks me out.

She draws from nature on the spot.

No photo. No eraser. No sweating over the composition or the lines. You know that you are in the presence of a real artist when she gets into 'the zone'. She doesn't take very long. 15 minutes or so. Little bunches of people might gather to watch. She whips out a tumbler of water and a paint palette and brings to life a bird, tree, something interesting in the landscape - a perspective that you may not have observed yourself.

Birds fly away. Like everything in nature, they will come and go. But these sketches capture a temporal truth and the overwhelming sense that life is beautiful.

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