Team Tortoise are Cheryl, Min, Opus, Elaine and Carrie

5 torts making their slow and steady ascent up Mt Kinabalu...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time to buy those headlamps!

With the handing over of deposits on 26 March 10 at the travel agent, there was no turning back.

And we have our first training report!

Opus's training report: 29 March

Walked up another 14 flights of stairs yesterday. All the HDB blocks around my estate are short!

14 flights of stairs?!? Don't be such an over-achiever lah! :P


You know, I was reading about the 14 flights of stairs and contrasting it with my own weekend stairs experience i.e. climbed up the stairs (30 steps?) at church on Sun and felt the lactic acid build up… and thought to myself, nah, won’t share that with the rest!


  1. Thanks for blotching on our behalf. Haha. THAT'S how lazy we are!

  2. p.s. can this blog not be pink??!?