Team Tortoise are Cheryl, Min, Opus, Elaine and Carrie

5 torts making their slow and steady ascent up Mt Kinabalu...

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Saw Cheryl at this morning's Biathlon. I took a pic with her. Of course, I had to. We talked about oxygen canisters. That woman is serious about taking them up the mountain.

This is my second time at the Biathlon and Cheryl's third. (Hope to keep doing this until I'm old enough for the veteran category.) She was very cool and blase about it. 1.5 k sea swim is like nothing for her when she can out swim the shark and conquer 10 k sea swims.

My thoughts were on getting out of the sea alive while her main concern was avoiding sunburn.

She asked me whether I wanted to apply sun block. SPF 50.

Pic of the ugly swim start. I got kicked several times on my goggles and was stung by sea urchins. Why do I do this?

After the swim, we had to run 10k. This year, I hardly trained for the run so my race strategy was to locate a cute guy I could pace behind and chase him down the East Coast Park for 10k. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any.

What is a blog without a food photo? The hokkien mee I had at the lagoon hawker centre. Firm fresh prawns, squid, carbs with sambal belachan and lime. It was soo good.


  1. Cute guy at a 10k?? Where? WHERE GOT????
    (anyway cute and presumably fit guy would probably run way faster than me, so....)

  2. There was one last year. That was also where I ran my fastest ever 10k. I sent you invite to team blotch with me.

  3. Haha...not blase, just hiau. I am sure when I am trailing all of you during our mountain climb, I will still be more concerned about SPF strength!

  4. Yes, bring your sunscreen with the oxygen canister!