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Friday, March 19, 2010

Extreme teeth plucking adventure

I shared my pain with Opus and Elaine about the wisdom teeth.

Anyone got your wisdom tooth extracted? I have a wisdom tooth issue now. Gums infected. Pain. And I am soo scared to remove it. They will cut open my gum, mash my tooth. Blood! Scared!!!

Dont' be scared. I had mine all taken out years ago. Are you doing yours under local anesthesia or GA? I've had both! i didn't have pain though cos mine weren't bad yet. The tooth was impacted - growing sideways - but wasn't causing issues yet. you'll be fine! - Opus

I had mine taken out years ago too under local anesthesia and it was fine. It was growing sideways and hurt me like hell so was most relieved to have it removed. In fact, had all 4 taken out even though only the bottom ones were causing me trouble. Do it asap, don't wait! Don't scared! - Elaine

Previously, when I had issues with the wisdom teeth, I would just tahan and gargle with mouthwash since I was too chicken to extract. But I had added resolve this time - it crossed my mind that my tooth could act up while I was doing the climb and it would really spoil the experience.

I'd treat this as an adventure. A teeth plucking one! Since I wouldn't be able to eat properly, I carbo-loaded the night before. Curry noodles. Ice cream. In the morning, I had bee hoon for breakfast.

My dentist, Dr Thong was my childhood dentist.

I've seen him since I was 5 for dental work and he is responsible for every tooth extraction and filling in my mouth. I gave him a mini scare when I whipped out a camera to take a picture of him. He is so hip and happening, he asked me if it was for my Facebook.

They kitted me out in the surgical robes and made me lie down. I knew what was going to happen next by the instruments which were in Dr Thong's hands.

Injection - anesthesia
Blade - cutting of gum
Suction tube - for the blood and gore
Drill - to cut away parts of the bone
Pliers - for the pulling

It lasted for 60 minutes while my eyes were wide open and my knuckles were white, gripping on the sides of the dentist's chair. Even though they used modern instruments, it was quite a cave woman experience. Blood. Loud drilling. Violent pulling. Dr Thong really went for it and yanked out the monsters from the gums with the roots intact.

Like a gladiator who had just won a bloody battle, he held up each tooth like a dismembered head from the enemy. I was relieved that the monsters were out for good.

As if he could read my mind, he said:

Take it easy, no exercise today. No exercise for a week.

But this is me at the Ion mrt station just after the teeth plucking. Would I take the escalator or stairs? The answer was clear.

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