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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Training sessions: Bukit Timah Hill

Eh, where are the other training session blogs?

Monday morning bright and early was Bukit Timah Hill training for me and non-KK trip pal Cheryl (another Cheryl). We took the Green trail up (rated moderate to difficult) and did part of the Yellow trail loop and then came down the Yellow trail (rated difficult). The whole trip took roughly an hour.

The best part about training at Bukit Timah Hill is that I reckon it's going to be closer to the experience of climbing MK than training on staircases. The steps built into the hill are quite high (like those on MK, apparently) and you have to practise navigating rocks and mud and, well, nature. It was fun.

Overall, not to talk big, but Bukit Timah hill really isn't that tough. It's humbling to be reminded just how small and short our nation's highest point is! A bit sad. Nevertheless, some of the climbs up the steps were great workouts. I was wheezing the whole way (Cheryl bounded up).

The next time we go (yes, all of us!), I recommend a combination of the Green and Yellow trails too - think I've figured out what might be the most challenging route.


Photo may be blurry due to wheezing photographer.

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  1. Oi, blotched already. Wah, you made it there on a monday morning! Looks nice and non crowded. Yeah, BT hill is closer to the KK experience. You have to show us the way next time.